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    Totally Green Window Treatments


    Window treatements that are totally GREEN


    With energy consumption a major issue in many homes and business’s, the soft furnishing industry and retailers are now becoming more aware of the importance that window coverings and blinds play a major role in reducing home emissions and energy consumption

    Many architects and designers are now promoting the rating system as being paramount to our soft furnishing industry ensuring that this system is at the forefront of excellence…..


      More attention is also being paid to recycling old window coverings that are taken down from buildings and home and being recycled into something else, ie vertical blades can now be recycled into plastic or products that may be useful within the home.

    • Current statistic show that around 30% of householders want the government to help and establish a network of trades that will work together to create a uniform body that can advise and regulate what window coverings or blinds would be most suitable for their home or business Its also about using products that aren’t going to be harmful to the environment or that may sustain products for a longer time on windows.

    • Motorization of blinds will play an important part in the future make up of products that we install into our homes, In the U.S 7 out of 10 blinds are now motorized. This is the result of 2 main factors. One being the natural acceptance of clients that any motorized product within your home is more efficient in keeping your home warm or cold due to the fact that it can be programmed to operate to maintain a uniform temperature throughout the home. The 2nd is that the costing of motors has reduced dramatically of the last 18 months


      Energy-efficient shades and lighting controls set on timers to maximize heating and cooling costs are drawing a lot of interest, . And for good reason: some systems can actually pay for themselves in energy costs in three to five years


      So as we move forward with the new influx of roller blinds materials and curtain fabrics that have been specifically designed either for acoustic qualities or heat retention we will definitely see a natural trend to completing homes and buildings with more energy efficient window treatments.



    New window coverings at a fraction of the cost..

    Updating your Curtains, Drapes, Blinds, Shutters or window coverings doesn’t need to be at a huge cost. At Curtain Court our consultants are well aware of the importance of showing you a product that is functional but also remains within your budget. Many designs of timber blinds, plantation shutters and roller blinds all have varying degrees of costings – Call one of our experienced consultants today to arrange a measure and quote..

    Save on Blackout Roller blinds

    If you are considering selling your home then updating your window coverings at a minimal amount of costs is a major benfit to the sale of your home. With the many roller blind and curtains available today, it has become very cost efficient to update your home whilst not spending a large amount of money to do so. Blinds or Venetians are the most affordable product on the market when adding value to your home..