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    Roller Blind Acoustic Material

    Acoustic absorption reduces the reflection of sound waves in a room. This should not be confused with acoustic insulation, which prevents sound being transferred between rooms. Absorbent materials let sound through but absorb it by converting the air molecules in heat. The reduce sound levels in a room while crossing it continuously but lose some of their energy, thus reducing the sound effect in that room

    Roller blinds and blinds now have the added structure of being able to manufactured by a new material called Acoustis® 50, a powerful, robust and good-looking acoustic solutions

    Acoustis 50 sound absorption details

    It is an effect response of lower acoustic reverberation.

    This acoustic fabric made of controlled diameter fibreglass has no risk of inhalation. Labelled Oekotex  Standard 100, it contains no chemical harmful for health and safety of users

    Rot- Proof  it is perfect for Human environments and is outstandingly durable as an internal or external application.

    This material is a designer solution that provides over 12 colours within the range and can be washed and dusted, thus making it a perfect hygenic solution for sound absorption