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    Energy rating | Energy efficiency ratings


    Energy Rating and Energy efficiency ratings

    Energy rating and energy efficiency ratings are two of the most important factors when deciding to build and design your house. Power ratings with energy comparisons are ideal applications when considering what type of window coverings you will use in your new home

    Many architects and designers are now promoting the rating system as being paramount to our soft furnishing industry ensuring that this system is at the forefront of excellence…..

    Making your home energy efficient with a high energy rating

    It is widely accepted that Australia should have a Blind Energy rating system within 2 years with government support. Local manufacturers have been working continuously over the last couple of years to ensure that all aspects of design and materials are well geared to creating the energy efficient home that we all deserve

    • Many factors including insulation, energy management , renewable energy are all to be considered. Window furnishings , blinds , roller blinds and plantation shutters have been recognized by both commerical and government organisations as to their importance in the overall energy efficiency of our homes.

    • Curtains, Drapes and sheers are all very much a window covering that will create a softer but traditional feel to the room, many decorators are now combining drapes , sheers and roller blinds to complete that window look. Again we are now experiencing a lot of new materials from suppliers being introduced on the Australian market. The choice or design and composition has never been so abundant..
    • Their are numerous materials that are now available that will compliment the stringent of energy ratings when they are introduced into the Australian marketplace. The Bmaa (blind manufacturers association of australia) have quite strongly indicated that they are working with several organisations to ensure that this energy rating system is achieved within Australia in the near future.


    New window coverings at a fraction of the cost..

    Updating your Curtains, Drapes, Blinds, Shutters or window coverings doesn’t need to be at a huge cost. At Curtain Court our consultants are well aware of the importance of showing you a product that is functional but also remains within your budget. Many designs of timber blinds, plantation shutters and roller blinds all have varying degrees of costings – Call one of our experienced consultants today to arrange a measure and quote..

    Save on Blackout Roller blinds

    If you are considering selling your home then updating your window coverings at a minimal amount of costs is a major benfit to the sale of your home. With the many roller blind and curtains available today, it has become very cost efficient to update your home whilst not spending a large amount of money to do so. Blinds or Venetians are the most affordable product on the market when adding value to your home..