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    How to make roman blinds or how to make a roman blind


    One of the most efficient window coverings you can make is a blockout roman blind. Using several window treatment materials a roman blind can enhance the look and feel of your room. Curtain Court have listed below 10 easy steps to follow that will allow you to make a roman blind to make your home more energy efficient.

    How to make a roman blind or roman shade in 10 easy steps…..


    1.                  Measure your window width and window height or (drop), traditionally a roman blind is installed on the architrave or above the window, if installing above the window, then the roman blind should have approximately 200mm added to the height.

    2.                  In the next step we work out how much material will be required, there is a set formula to do this for any window covering or roman blind. Use the following formula – The width of the window divided by the width of the material.

    Ie… 2000mm window width divided by 1200mm material width  = 1.66, this figure is telling us we require 1.6 widths of material, you always mark up from 1.6 to the next full width, ie in this case will be 2 widths.

    3.                  We know we need 2 widths of the material, so whatever the finished drop of your blind will be, ie 2100mm you need to add 400mm onto this measurement for allowances. The finished material for your window covering will be 2 widths x 2500mm = a total of 5metres

    4.                  Cut your material into 2 lengths of 2500mm length and sew together side by side, you should now have a piece of material 2400mm wide x 2500mm drop

    5.                  Generally the spacing between each panel on a roman blind or roman shade is approximately 300mm, the only exception to this is the top panel which needs to be  longer then all the remaining panels , this allows for the roman blind to stack up underneath the top panel.

    6.                  Divide the height of the roman blind by 300mm = 7 panels , now we need to make sure that the top panel will be 400mm in height.

    7.                  Turn over material and mark from the top 500mm, draw another line 30mm below that line, measure another 300mm down , draw a  line, measure 30mm down draw a line and so on….

    8.                  You will notice we have 2 lines approximately every 300mm down material , this is our sewing lines, to form our pocket for our roman blind or roman shade. Bring those 2 lines together to form a pocket and clamp with sewing clamps. Sew along these lines to form your pocket on the back of the materials. Now put a 5cm hem on the bottom of your last panel ensuring that the panel still measures 300mm.

    9.                  Now hem the top section ensuring that the panel measures 400mm, now sew Velcro tape at top section of material and put adhesive Velcro on a timber blind. Insert battons thru pockets on back of material, attach rings on back of every second batton , horizontal spacing should be approximately 300mm.


    10.                  Cord roman blind or roman shade to right or left side ensuring that you allow enough cord for pulling up and down. Install on window, you now have a fully functionally roman blind